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Our fantastic range of great value Own Brand alternatives continues to grow. With over 6,000 high quality products and hundreds of new additions every year, there are now even more ways to achieve more for less.

Office Depot brand

Office Depot

Office Depot branded products are made to perform at standards that meet or exceed those of leading brands. Office Depot products are our solution for day to day business needs.

Niceday brand


Niceday products get the basics right. They offer a great selection of everyday office essentials at unbeatable prices.


Exclusive Brands

Exclusive Brands are our leading brand equivalents that are only available at Office Depot. Our exclusive partnership with global manufacturers allows Office Depot to deliver the best in quality and performance at highly competitive prices.

Foray brand


For professionals who are looking for writing instruments, notebooks and desktop essentials, that combine elegance and design with quality that meets your expectations. Foray offers performance and qualitywithout compromising style.

Realspace brand


Modern, ergonomic and classic, Realspace has the right solution for you. A wide range of products and styles in different price categories, for all your requirements. Proven quality compared with leading brands to ensure performance and durability.



WorkPro redefines what success looks and feels like in the office. The WorkPro chair assortment is comprised of premium materials, eye catching designs and superb comfort offering a superior experience with every purchase.



A selection of facility products made for any office - from the breakroom to the boardroom. For customers who seek inherent value and effectiveness in their facilities and breakroom supplies, the Highmark brand is clearly the winner.

Ativa brand


Ativa offers professional, quality tested technology products for the office environment.


Quality Assurance

The purpose of Quality Assurance is to ensure conformity of relevant quality, safety, and regulatory requirements. It also helps to ensure that expectations, implied by customers or stated in merchandising specifications, have been met and documented for all European centrally managed vendors.

Quality Assurance


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