Corporate sustainability

Office Depot’s longstanding commitment to the environment is guided by the Company’s environmental vision to increasingly 'buy green, be green and sell green'. Since 2003, Office Depot has developed and implemented a number of green initiatives, received many corporate sustainability, employer and EPA Energy Star® leader awards, and was named 'Greenest Retailer' by 'Newsweek' 3 years in a row.

At Office Depot we take sustainability very seriously. We don't just look at our own operations - we work together with partners, suppliers and customers to ensure that our entire supply chain operates as 'sustainably' as possible.

Office Depot also offers a range of office supplies that contributes to saving resources, avoiding waste, reducing energy, decreasing emissions, using safer chemicals and avoiding exposure in order to reduce the impact our customers have on the planet.

corporate sustainability

Environmental strategy

Office Depot launched its first green office guide initiative back in 2009. Why? Because we believe in sustainability and want to be a role model for other companies.

This makes long-term cooperation with our partners, vendors and customers very important to us. When an entire product chain, from those who supply our raw materials, right through to our consumers, is focused on sustainability, we start to protect the environment and create additional value and long-term benefits for all the parties involved within the supply chain.

Office Depot is committed to minimising any negative environmental and social impacts from our own activities and from the products and services we provide. We aim to:

  • Implement a long-term strategy that addresses the environmental and social impacts of our own operations, both within our supply chain and within the life-cycle of the products we sell.
  • Establish systems to manage our environmental impacts, set objectives and targets to monitor our performance, and review and report our progress.
  • Manage our emissions to air, water and land, minimise our use of natural resources and materials, reduce waste and increase recycling.
  • Encourage our stakeholders to address green issues and develop their own strategies.
  • Promote environmental product use with our stakeholders.
  • Support our customers in addressing environmental and social needs within their procurement processes.




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